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Hada Labo

Hada Labo skincare embraces the philosophy ‘Perfect x Simple’, upholding the basics of lasting beauty: perfection, simplicity and confidence.







Our collaboration with Hada Labo began in 2020. Instead of going for a typical brand song, Hada Labo decided to hire MFMF., fresh off the success from their song ‘Cute (Stop Lah Being So Cute)’, to write the Hada Labo theme song for that year.

The result is a catchy, ‘Cute’-inspired tune called ‘Cahaya’, sung by Daiyan Trisha. The song proved to be a success, with ‘Cahaya’ hitting over 1 million views on YouTube alone.

'Cahaya' by Daiyan Trisha - 1.3 million views on YouTube

Based on the YouTube comments, we have received an overwhelming response to the song.

After 'Cahaya', we followed up our collaboration with ‘Teman Sejati’, Hada Labo’s official theme song in 2021, fronted none other by Malaysia’s sweetheart influencer Johanis.

'Teman Sejati' - 282k views on YouTube

Fast forward to 2022, Hada Labo and MFMF. have continued working together year after year, with no signs of stopping this long-standing partnership.

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